The Norfolk (above photos are indicative.)

7.2m long x 2.7m wide.     Rents for $250pw

 Living room + Kitchenette + Bedroom + Ensuite + Power and light fittings + Insulated
Sleep out..  or Granny Flat..  or Home office..  or Bach Extention..  or Art Studio..  or?

 This larger cabin is an ideal solution. The living room has a kitchenette (microwave/ cooking facility supplied by you) then an ensuite beyond the bedroom. The ensuite comes with a shower, vanity and toilet. The hot water califont works great when we hook it to mains pressure. If your water supply is from a header tank you may need a small inline pump to assist. For the hot water califont the gas bottle is supplied by you. A 9kg bbq gas bottle works great.  Power supply is via a 15m extension cord with an adaptor which we supply. Toilet is a cassette type portapotti which is only really for night time use. Optional standard toilet available if you are able to service it. More questions? Check our FAQ's

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